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Authentic Berber Artisans and Tribal Inspired Jewelry

Kathy McMullin Berber boho jewelry ethnic statement jewelry tribal Tuareq

I love finding skilled artisans in different parts of the world. My jewelry is tribal and ethnic  inspired. Jewelry has been worn by men and woman for millennia, and is representative of rich cultural heritage.  Symbolism, tradition, and the use of local resources has evolved into distinct styles for each tribe or region around the world.  The Northern part of the African continent was roamed by the nomadic Berber people for more than seven thousand years. Members of the Berber people include the Tuaregs. Also known as the  blue veil people for their indigo dyed clothing, or the dwellers of the desert, as they...

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Boho Chic Jewelry for the Actress Sister

Kathy McMullin gemstone jewelry statement jewelry

Sister number three, Kristy Munden, is my muse for boho chic style. She was always the quirky kid, with her own sense of style.  At age 6 she decided that glasses were the thing and faked her eye exam. The result was pink sparkly cat-eyes worn with a chain on the side-piece to let them hang about her neck.  I have in mind her 1st or 2nd grade picture in the early 60's with the gap teeth, straight across high rise bangs, smocked dress, and those sophisticated glasses. She was adorable. And lest it sound like I mock, you will never...

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Gemstone Jewelry For Midwives, Birthing, and Goddesses

Kathy McMullin gemstone jewelry Midwife jewelry shop handmade

  I love pregnant woman, loved being pregnant, love all things birth, and admire my midwife sister so for the amazing gifts she has to help usher new life into the world. She's a goddess. Really we all are, because how magical and wondrous is the process of becoming pregnant, forming a new human, and birthing. Gemstones are said to have many enhancing, and spiritual qualities.  Many are specific to the great life forces. Kelly is the youngest of the six sisters, so I'll give her a break and put her first for once in her life. My baby sister...

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5 reasons Why You Should Shop Handmade

Kathy McMullin gemstone jewelry shop handmade

      With the entire world only a mouse-click away these days, it’s sometimes difficult to find pieces of jewelry that allow you to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Yes, there are a gazillion pieces of jewelry that one can find online at many big box ecommerce sites, but why be like everyone else, right?Why not go against the current and search out handmade jewelry from a smaller online shop. Here’s five good reasons why you should be shopping for handmade jewelry: #1 There’s always a good story with why the artist is creating this type...

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